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Nico Vanherle



Originally from Belgium and eradicated in China since 2005, started by finding the right solutions for Belgian companies, and created a name for himself in the HVAC world thanks to his successful ongoing projects such as Jaga China and M1GLIO. He was honored by receiving in 2018 the title of Ambassador for VOKA China.

Diego Rivero


General Manager

Originally from Argentina, eradicated in China since 2006, successfully developed several suppliers for a wide range of industries, mostly related to construction materials and metal mechanical factories.
With more than 500 factories audited in 35 different cities and countless hours of negotiations, he’s responsible for the long term relationships between customers and suppliers.

Behind the 2 faces of DeltaPlus, we have a group of highly skilled professionals who help in every step of our cooperation in legal matters, engineering, design and logistics. This team follows DeltaPlus vision: Our goal is to improve your business.

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